"Oliver's music cleverly mirrors the patterns of everyday speech with a rhythmic fluency few composers master"

- Fiona Maddocks, The Observer


My Secret Garden (live excerpt)

David Garcia Moreno (Piano) with members of the University of California, Irvine Contemporary Dance Ensemble (2009)


Arrival - Bacchae (2017)

Ode 3 'Elysian Fields' (Instrumental) - Bacchae (2017)


Ode 5 'Open Sesame' ("Gegene") Instrumental - Bacchae (2017)


 Film: Bacchae (2017)


Candomblé Macumba, Voodoo Man - Black Orpheus (2014-16) 


Magic Fingers/The Duel - Black Orpheus (2014-16)


Encounter at the Marketplace (Different Smells of Her Hair) - Black Orpheus (2014-16)


Samba Dramático - Black Orpheus (2014-16)


Devil's Due/Welcome to Hades - Black Orpheus (2014-16)