"Oliver's music cleverly mirrors the patterns of everyday speech with a rhythmic fluency few composers master"

- Fiona Maddocks, The Observer

                                            Encounter at the Market Place

                              (Different Smells of Her Hair)

                                - Black Orpheus (Ballet)




                  Candomble´ Macumba - Black Orpheus (Ballet)  



        Devil's Due/Welcome to Hades - Black Orpheus (Ballet) 



Magic Fingers/The Duel - Black Orpheus 




                                          (Chamber ensemble, tabla and Hindustani vocalist) 



                                                             Canvas - Orchestral

                                                (Guildhall School of Music Symphony Orchestra)


                  Games of Chance - Black Orpheus (Ballet) 

                                                   Oxford Philharmonic  (Live extract)

 Conductor - Marios Papadopoulos 

                  III. Andromeda - Conversations for Solo Double Bass

                                                           (Bassist: Richard English )  


                           Dionysian Rivers Flow Through Me

                                           Music of a Thousand Autumns (electronic version)

                                          Film: Bacchae

Cinematography-Alex van Leeuwen

Director-Sean Kelly

FourSevenTwo Productions


                                                           Arrival - Bacchae                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (Orchestral)  


 'Nymph-O-Maniac' Instrumental - Bacchae (Ode 4)


'Open Sesame' ("Gegene") Instrumental - Bacchae (Ode 5)


                   My Secret Garden for Solo Piano (live excerpt)

David Garcia Moreno (Piano) with members of the University of California, Irvine Contemporary Dance Ensemble (2009)


                             Candomblé Macumba, Voodoo Man - Black Orpheus 


Encounter at the Marketplace (Different Smells of Her Hair) - Black Orpheus (Ballet)


Samba Dramático - Black Orpheus (Ballet)